Personal Responsibility

You are personally responsible for everything that happens in your life once you realize you are personally responsible for everything that happens in your life.
Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

Personal Responsibility

As much we all want to blame someone else for everything that goes wrong, what I have
learned is this: It’s not about the other person. It’s about you, your self-awareness, what you create for your life, what you allow into your life and how you manage it.

Bringing this fact to your attention has become my life’s work. Business (actually, everything) must be about you becoming aware of yourself first, then your partner(s), and then the business. You must be 100 percent aware, responsible and accountable for everything that goes on in your life.

You might think you already know this on some semantic level, but I will bet you’ve not thought consciously about it. It’s time we all do. Not being self-aware is deadly. Not being accountable is deadly. So, too, is taking others for granted.

So start with you and build from there.



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One response to “Personal Responsibility”

  1. Joe Lombardo says:

    I’m the most thankful person to have been able to have you as a business and life coach, Patty. I will never forget what you’ve done to help me recreate my beautiful life. Thank you. You were are are everything to me.