Let’s talk about Partnersh*t.

Partnersh*t is that place you reach in your partnership where everything starts to go bad. It begins simply enough—a dig there, a jab here, a moment when you disregard, ignore, or worse, placate your partner. Before you know it, you’ve got separate agendas and everyone and everything begins to suffer.

There’s no point in mincing words here, because sh*t is exactly what it is, and we all know how toxic that is. So stop creating it.

And it’s not an accident—it’s a creation.

Just as a great Partnership is a creation, so too is Partnersh*t.

Do you suffer from it?

Who Creates Partnersh*t?

You do. You can’t blame the other person, even if they participate in the creation, because you are solely responsible for everything and everyone that you allow into your life.
This is a very big sentence and an even bigger thought. Take a minute and think about it, and then embrace it. Accountability will change your life. 

What Causes Partnersh*t?

Partnersh*t is a direct result of the following:Partnersh*t is a direct result of the following

14 Symptoms of Partnersh*t

Partnersh*t doesn’t just happen. Creating it takes time and energy. At first the symptoms might seem innocuous, but before you know it, it becomes a bomb, ready to explode at any time.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? If so, you are headed toward real trouble.

This (Partner)sh*t’s Expensive!

Partnersh*t destroys everything. The self, health, relationship, legal and financial toll is devastating, with collateral damage strewn everywhere. Partners break up, people lose jobs, friendships end, businesses tank, lawyers get rich and banks call loans.  Avoid the Partnersh*t trap by clicking on the link at the left.