Choose People With Compatible Energy

Photo Cristina Gottardi / Unsplash

My 33-year old daughter looked at me in exasperation.  “Mom,” she said, “You have to stop. You spend too much time working with people whose energy you know will spiral you. And you keep paying the price.” 

I sit here in bed, my body and soul processing days of harmful stress, so I know she’s right. I’ve been here before. 

At this point in my life and career, I must make healthier decisions so I can stay healthy. We cannot give our energy over to someone else. That’s like making a deal with the devil. The devil always wins. Negative energy compromises both sides because judgment naturally takes over, causing more stress.

Judgment is so toxic because it’s really about anger (aka fear). There are many ways to do things, so rather than trying to change someone, choose folks who have similar work styles and value similar things. Never forget that Business is Personal. 

Energy finds like energy. It’s a law of nature; don’t fight it. The universe tells you what you need to know. Are you listening?

As Tony Robbins taught me, change only occurs when one reaches maximum pain. I’m there. It’s funny how little it takes to finally break you. I’ve been broken for the last time. 

Creating is a soul journey that pushes us and teaches us lessons. Take heed. Breathe deeply. Recharge. And learn the lesson. Don’t invite stress into your life. Enough of it invades us anyway, so control what you can. 

Universe, I’m finally listening. 

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