Change is Scary. Change is Good.

485234_10151361460169125_2130296561_nI just sold my home, where I have lived happily and comfortably for the past 21 years. Now that the deal is done, I am asking myself:

What the hell have I done ??????

Change is that scary place we find ourselves when the world shifts around us —and it does. All the time. Families ebb and flow; fortunes rise and fall; friends come and go; the lure of fresh, new geography beckons.

Yes, I am having moments of cold, sweaty fear. After a good cry and some sleep, I realized why: My mind wants to recreate what is because it is comfortable and known,  and the universe is pushing me to create what can be.

I’m emerging from a 6-year span of monumental life changes—losses that cut deep and challenges that vexed, and what did I do with that? I reinvented. I took that blank canvas and created something new, more inspiring and more suited to who I really am. So I will do it again with my home, wherever that will be. That climb starts today.

How have you handled change? What tools have you called upon to manage seismic shifts? Are they indeed seismic for you or do you just roll with what is?

I would love to hear from you. And I am sure other readers would as well. Because change is the constant that we all fear.

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