An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

The Kauffman Foundation’s Thoughtbook.

Going thru my email this morning, I got my notification from The Kauffman Foundation about their Thoughtbook. I’ve been a loyal Kauffman groupie and Thoughtbook subscriber for years. Don’t know what this is? Oh, are you missing out.

The Kauffman Foundation is the  entrepreneur’s gift that keeps on giving. This non-profit organization is  dedicated to informing, improving, educating and involving entrepreneurs everywhere as stand-up members of the greater community. They are also massively committed to improving the education of children and youth.

Visiting their website is like visiting a virtual campus dedicated solely to what will help you excel. The sheer quality and density of free downloads available there is practically akin to preparing for a degree in business or entrepreneurship or in just being the best human being you can be.

And Thoughtbook? It is their semi-annual state-of-the-business-world update complete with a message from Carl Schramm, the organization’s President and CEO. It’s informative, sensationally human and absolutely beautifully produced.

This open-hearted organization has impacted my life is such a powerful manner that I dedicated a chapter to them in my new book Partnership or Partnersh*t: You Decide. How to Build Your Business Partnership on the Strongest Foundation There Is – A Human Foundation.

What are you waiting for? Visit their site now and be prepared to elevate your game in ways you probably have not though about before.


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