Your Subconscious Mind is a Garden; Your Thoughts are the Seeds. You Can Grow Flowers or You Can Grow Weeds.

This came to me today by way of a friend. I was so touched that I wanted to share it with you.  

As gardeners of our mind/soul it’s important to recognize the unwanted pests, malnourishment, and unexpected drought/freezes that are sure to come. First-time gardeners need not worry.  Fortunately, the world is filled with expert gardeners to model from. The most beautiful/thriving gardens are a result of daily nourishment, keeping negative pests away, planning with patience the expected results of those planted seeds, and reacting appropriately to unexpected events. Within weeks those planted thoughts into our subconscious effortlessly grow weeds or our vastly diverse dream garden.

  • Dream Big

  • If you want to plant tomatoes, don’t think potatoes

  • Learn from expert gardeners

  • Give daily care

  • Practice patience

Your subconscious mind is like deep fertile soil that accepts any seed you plant within it. Your habitual thoughts and beliefs are the seeds that are being constantly sown within, and they produce in your life what is sown. Just as surely as corn kernels produce corn and wheat seeds produce wheat your thoughts will have an effect in your life. You will reap what you sow. This is a law.

The conscious mind is like the gardener. It is your responsibility to be aware of how this process works, and to choose wisely what reaches the inner garden. Unfortunately for most of us our role as gardener has never been explained to us. And in misunderstanding this role, we have allowed seeds of all types, both good and bad, to enter the inner garden of our subconscious.

The subconscious will not discriminate, judge or censor. It will manifest success, abundance and health just as easily as failure, ill health and misfortune. It works to reproduce in our life according to the seeds we have nurtured within. Your subconscious accepts what is impressed upon it with feeling and repetition whether these thoughts are positive or negative. It does not evaluate things like your conscious mind does.


Think good thoughts. Nurture every cell in your body. Be happy.  

Shared with love on this rainy Tuesday in December from Miami, FL

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