Why I Left Facebook







We’ve been played. 

Untruths and false news hurts everybody.

We had an election here in America based on lies on both sides, many created and propagated by outrageously fake clickbait sites, campaign sites and relentlessly shared on Facebook as if true.

I deleted my accounts, personal and business, two weeks before the election. What was once a wonderful place to connect with old friends became a platform for lies, disinformation, hate and racism. 

I believe in free speech and understand that haters and racists have as much right to a voice as anyone.

I have the right to not expose myself to that. 

I don’t believe in lying. 

I don’t want this toxic energy around my personal life and I don’t want it around my business.

There is no partnership in hate. No gratitude. No values. No kindness. No tolerance. No leadership. No service. 

There’s only hate. 

I send you all love and good energy as we wade through our globe’s most uncertain time ever.

This is my mission in life.

May good prevail. 


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