Thank You

thank youWhen I decided to write my book, it was mostly to clear my head and heart of the bad and make room for the good. I do my thinking via the written word and that’s my therapy. I had no master plan other than to get the pain and anger of losing my business partner and my business off my chest. Sure, it’s cool to be able to say you wrote a book, but what has happened because of it is way cooler than that.

My background is branding and marketing, but I was my own worst client. I’m not a toot-my-own-horn kind of girl so it was hard for me to put myself out there. While I have participated in group project book launches before, this one was just me. My friends will tell you (tell’em April, Osmara, Danny, Karen, Vicki and a thousand more . . .) it took me a damn long time to get to the point this week where I could step out there with my Kindle Countdown Sale and scream out to the world about my book.

Here’s the thing: I have learned incredible lessons via my screw-up. And I realized had to share those lessons. It’s that simple.

I’m not so good at pushy sales, and it’s hard for me to invade your space. But I made the decision that the value of the work and my experiences far outweighs the probably irritating emails and posts from me. (Sorry for that.) We have nothing if our relationships with people suck.  Essentially, we are all each others’ partners, every day, in everything we do.  I had to get that message out there because too many people put their businesses before their relationships. That does not work.

The payoff has been incredible, not just in sales but in notes and emails from people who have been helped and moved by the work.


From TL: Visioning thousands getting this profound information that will shift leaders and cultures!

From ZA: Thank you!

From AN: I have a little team working on buying and sharing. Enjoy your day!

From MT: I could hug you. Your book is a breath of fresh air. No token effort fairy floss philosophy or box ticking exercise here. The work book is relevant, edgy, and a real crap cutter outerer. Thank you!

From IK: Well done, Patty!

From JR: I admire and believe in you and your good work(s), so while it’s not a big-ass trumpet, I’m more than happy to make some noise for you!

From TS: How exciting! I WISH YOU ALL THE BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From AN: So thankful for this book and especially thankful for the author Patty Hogue Soffer This will likely be the best dollar you spend in 2014!

And so it goes . . .


I am so touched by all these very loving, simple and supportive messages. They’re not fancy-assed endorsements; just thoughts from their hearts. It means everything to me.

Clearly this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. I’m not interested in that. I am rich beyond measure. Rich in friends, lessons, family, love, respect, gratitude, peace, purpose, experience, accountability,  clarity and service.  My mission is to help others. That’s the best part of getting older: we earn the right to share our wisdom.

So thank you all. And thank you to my team at Kingdom Vision.  I learned more than I taught.

I am humbled and grateful beyond measure.

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