Partnersh*t on a Rampage

It must be Partnersh*t Season. 

I’m surrounded!

Long term, it’s like hurricane season.  

Both have the potential to be deadly. 

It’s all about how you manage it.


As a survivor of Partnersh*t’s predictable outcome (you lose everything), I now sit on the sidelines and watch helplessly as three of my friends/clients struggle through the same silly battles I did with my former partner, and for no good reason save ego, power and that Big Kahuna-sh*t of all Kahuna-sh*ts, BLAME

I feel sad as I watch these strong relationships/businesses struggle and potentially crumble over silly stuff. As one wise friend says, “It’s never about the thing you think it’s about.” BAM. In most cases, the sh*t is about life changes, growing businesses and riding the waves of business in general.

Partnersh*t is just that—sh*t. Bottom-feeding, churlish nonsense that a good honest talk or three can clear up and make way for the next adventure. Nobody wants that to be court and lawyers. That sucks big time. 


Sh*t happens. How you react to it separates the blamers from the accountables.


So, to be helpful, here are my

Golden Rules to Mitigate Partnersh*t and Strengthen Your Partnership

as you navigate inevitable changes. Skip them at your peril. 



  1. Business is Personal. People first, then business. No people? No business. 
  2. There’s no blame in Partnership.

  3. Partnersh*t is nothing but blame.

  4. Partnerships are between the partners. Period. Nobody else should be allowed into your sacred space. 

  5. Partnership issues stay between the partners. Only the partners. No wives, girlfriends, life partners or uninvited well-meaning interlopers who want to “save” you. 

  6. Be the visionary leader that you are. It’s your company. Your team looks to you for leadership, not partnersh*t. Don’t involve them. You scare them when you openly fight or argue. Force them to take sides. Create division. Weaken your human foundation. Why on earth would you do that???  If you two need to beat the crap out of each other, do it away from the office and make up (or break up honorably) before you come back. (Preferably over a glass of good scotch.) 

  7. Partnerships are just like marriages. It is a most personal relationship. When one leads, the other follows. Learn the dance and respect it. It will shift. Shift with it. It’s okay. You don’t always have to be who you think you always have to be. Be respectful of another’s growth. 

  8. ALWAYS have your partner’s back. ALWAYS.

  9. Be accountable for everything that goes on in your life, business and partnership. If your partner sucks, who allowed him/her in your life? Just sayin’. 

  10. Review and revise your operating agreement to accommodate the seismic activity. This is a living and breathing document. Let it guide you and be sure it reflects what you both want. Again, accountability. This isn’t high school anymore. Be a grownup. 

  11. Understand that it is not your job or right to “change” your partner. It is  your duty to listen with compassion to what they are trying to say and really hear them. It’s also your job to tell your partner how you are really feeling. And vice versa. It’s a two-way street. Doing this is the secret sauce. 

  12. Never forget the early days and the love and passion you and your partner brought to the business. Don’t forget the hard times. Don’t forget the huge victories. Don’t forget the pride, challenge, accomplishment and wisdom you have earned. Don’t forget that legacies are created via common goals, trust and respect for the other. Betrayal and blame create lawsuits.  Use your heart, not your ego.

  13. PARTNERSH*T is always about fear. Change causes fear. Grow some, see change as Opportunity and leave all that drama behind. 


If you want to see your potential land mines,

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You will see for yourself how easy it is to fix this stuff once you identify it. 

And no. I won’t call or email or bug you with promotional materials or newsletters you don’t want. I’ll simply send the results. I’m not looking for mailing lists and all that stuff. I’m just looking to help.  

I’m here if you need my help, and at the beach if you don’t. I’m so good either way! 

(Truth be told, we often work at the beach. Especially my partner. It’s where he is happy and most creative. We dance, people, we dance.)


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