Partner With Yourself First

Clearly, your best partner is yourself. You owe it to be in partnership with you first, and to become self-aware and accountable so you can get along with you no matter what.

This should be nothing new. Humans are all about duality. Think about how you are when all systems are firing: You’re unstoppable, in the zone and operating at peak performance. Then think about how you are when you can’t seem to get anything done: You feel like you are swimming through molasses, you get frustrated and probably more than a bit cranky.

Well, guess what? These are both you. Everyone has a peak performance side and a non-performance side. It’s nature’s way of keeping you from blowing up!

The trick is to become aware of your pattern. You’re better off getting to know this about yourself so you can be your own best partner. It’s a waste of time to fight what is, and bad for your health. You know you can feel that nasty excess cortisol pumping through your veins when things are seemingly against you. They’re not. Change you thinking about it: Use those unproductive parts of your day to relax and do something nurturing for yourself. The irony is that you’ll be led back to your core of creativity in no time.

Even Superman had to rest.

Tribal Author’s Jonathan Fields blogs about exactly this topic today. I recommend you pop over to his site and read what he has to say. He’s a guru’s guru. And he is his own best partner.




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