Office Space 2015

IMG_4131Going back to work has been so much fun. I have learned so much over the years. Mostly I’ve learned to be true to what I love. So when it came time to make the fancy-ass office decision, we said no.

After all, there’s no need. How people do business has changed as dramatically as business itself. Teams and clients reside globally, so you can be a global company without leaving your bathroom. Partnership is the name of the game. Projects replace full-time gigs. Tools have changed. Consumption has changed. Delivery systems have changed. Startup costs are replaced by organic financing. 

Most important of all, the work is better than ever, because consumer demands have changed and nobody is interested in dishonest advertising bullshit any longer. I love this part most of all. 

I coach my small business clients on how to do business in this fresh, new way. I teach them that business today is People First. Then Product. Then Profit. Then Place. The 4000 square feet of terraced office space isn’t relevant to many businesses any longer, particularly service and creative businesses. Yes, some businesses are location-specific and that’s cool too. But not ours. One of my creative partners just completed a major job while sitting on the beach with his laptop. That’s where he feels inspired. My sister finished a book and began the design and marketing process from her hospital bed, to which she was annoyingly confined for a few days but still had tools to do what she loves. 

And me? This is my happy, creative spot. It can host 1 or 10, but it always hosts me and all that I love, close by and in my heart. Dogs, cats, kids, photos, books, artwork and always, flowers, watch over me.   

Ahhhh, I love my life. Work and otherwise.




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