Give a Sh*t.

Give a Sh*t

Damn, he’s so right. Otherwise, why bother?

David Clarke knows of what he speaks. After all, he leads BGT Partners, one of the  top interactive agencies on the planet, headquartered here in South Florida.

How did they get to the top? They gave a sh*t. About themselves first, then each other, and then about the company, clients, vendors and all other strategic and operational partners who take part in creating and sustaining a business of this magnitude.

It has to be that way. If not, the sh*t you don’t give turns into Partnersh*t that gives you nothing but grief. THAT gift that keeps on giving, and never in a good way.

Leadership is all about giving a sh*t and creating a culture in which your people give a sh*t too. Winning is about giving a sh*t. Success is about giving a sh*t.

And in the end, happiness is about nothing more than giving a sh*t. And isn’t happiness the whole point?

I sure hope so. If not, why would anyone give a sh*t about anything?



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