#1 International Bestselling Author!


My name is Patty Soffer and I’m a #1 International Bestselling Author.


Holy crap! I never thought I’d get to utter those words in my whole life. Yet here it is.1393760_10202107915283106_580299908_n


I write for a living—ad copy, marketing copy, business articles, strategic documents and yes, books, books books. I have become an expert because I have done a million things in my life, both good and not so good. And I don’t think about writing or say I’m gonna write. I actually write. All the time.

You do by doing. No duh.

It pays off! This particular book, The Expert Success Solution, was a collaboration of 22 incredibly gifted, experienced, talented, funny, quirky, educated individuals led by publishing expert Rick Frishman and business leader Wendy Lipton-Dibner, who all understood something simple: We were experts in different areas and we were all writers. We all wanted to share our experience that would help others have a better business and life.

So the question became simple: Why would anyone buy 22 books when they could buy just 1?

That made sense, so off we went. After a 9-month gestation, with not one power play, temper tantrum or any other inappropriateness, the book was born this week, and in no time shot to #2 in the US and #1 in Canada.

Talk about a partnership. Responsibility. Accountability. Service. Education. Creativity. Shared values. Humility. Gratitude. The Entrepreneurial Spirit. This experience was off the charts.

I’m still in the clouds. I haven’t slept. I’m excited beyond all reason. But the best part? This book was written by service-minded people, so its contents will help those who read it.

I’ll paraphrase author and legendary TedTalker Simon Sinek, one of my heroes, by saying this: I’m not going to blather on about how “if this book could help just one person I’ll be happy. . ..”

Hell no. One ain’t enough, not by a long shot.

I pray this book touches the lives of millions of people and makes a positive difference for them.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

I want to thank my peeps who have hung with me, some for a lifetime. I could cry.

P.S. Here’s what grace looks like. Say hello to my co-authors. They rock.


Jeffrey Kurtz
Patty Soffer
Lupe Samaniego
Donald Burns
Jennifer Rosenwald
Janet Swift
Kris Landry
Bonnie Goldstone
Lisa Gibson
Barbara Kangas
Suzanne Nault
Cheryl Lentz
Randy Stanbury
BJ Rosenfeld
Tina Sacchi
Irina Koles
Dianne Flemington
Rick Frishman
Wendy Lipton-Dibner
Elizabeth Phinney
Lorie Nicholas
Michael Harris




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