Seminars are Giant Partnership Experiences

JustWriteNow booth at Author 101

JustWriteNow Booth at Author 101

I’m in Vegas at Rick Frishman’s Author 101 University with 500 other like-minded individuals.

We all have a common thread—we’re authors and thought leaders with important messages to spread. And we need each other to accomplish that.

Seminars are the college course of today, with unmatched information, strategies and tactics packed into a few exhausting but inspiring 12-hour days. The camaraderie and support from everyone in the room is amazing. This isn’t about competition; it’s about partnership.

This group knows that we are better together than any of us are alone. We all have something important to contribute, and in any given seat might sit the exact person you need to complete your mission—an agent, publisher, designer, web developer, literary attorney, writers, editors, producers, business managers and more.

I found my perfect collaborator in a seat at another seminar I attended two years ago. The amazing  Vicki St. George from JustWriteBooks came into my life in the serendipitous way that the universe has, and she help me not just write this book but find my value.

She took me and my information and gave us order. I’d write; she’d order it. I’d send a draft; she’d tell me what was missing or where I needed to add more examples. I could not have done this alone. She was a partner in every sense of the word: aligned in vision, work ethic and goal setting.

This weekend we are one. We all know why we’re here.  We know what we’re looking to accomplish; we are here to help each other; we are here to contribute, and therefore receive. The riches of people aligned in partnership are astounding. And after we go back to our respective cities, the thread of connection will continue. Proof? Just look at the Author101 organizers. They have worked, played, created and contributed together for more than a decade.

This is the powerful, positive energy I want in my life.





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