Partnersh*t Detector: A Quiz for New Partnerships

Are You and Your New Partner Already Buried in Partnersh*t?

Welcome to the world of Partnerships. Here's a key question: Have you taken any time at all to really get to know your partner and what makes him or her tick? Do you know their history, hopes, wishes, dreams, style, financial philosophy and how important it is to them to have a corner office? Or are you just ass-uming that you know? None of this stuff is trivial. Unmanaged, it will lead you straight to the hell that is Partnersh*t. Partnersh*t usually starts out small, like a burr in your foot that yeah, is irritating, but you can live with. Until it gets so bad you have to amputate the foot. Don't let things get that bad. Do this quiz and create your Human Foundation BEFORE you sign on any dotted line. This group of questions will assess the health of your new Partnership. Your answers will help you smoke out any brewing Partnersh*t and stop it before it stops you.

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