Jonathan Field’s 10 Commandments of Epic Business


Is it possible to feel love for a perfect stranger whose words seem plucked from my very own brain?

Is it possible that there is an entire mass of people out there who feel as I do?

Is it possible that heart, finally, and hopefully forever, trumps head when it comes to business?

Is it possible that humanity has overtaken finance as the measurement for happiness?

Is a human foundation finally more important than brick and mortar or tech foundations?

Is service to others our best product?

This is the shift in consciousness that you have been hearing about. Reading about. Perhaps poking fun at.

Yes, there were lines of people who congregated in Mexico to watch the world come to an end on 12/21/12.

There were more people, more like me, who congregated in their own hearts and souls and watched the world begin to shift, declaring that heart is now the center of the business universe.

Perhaps I’m late to the party. But I’m at the party, and that is what counts.

The great Jonathan Fields has led the charge for more than a decade, hand-in-hand with visionaries who live to change the way people relate. Now he offers the Good Life Project, where you can hear stories of how people everywhere are speaking the langage of understanding and compassion.

You can too.

Join hands. Carry the message. Live the philosophy. Change yourself, change how people treat each other, and you will change the world.

That’s how greatness grows.

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