“I Was Blind and Now I See,” says Novice Business Partner Osmara Vindel

New partners Osmara Vindel from Butterfly Club (left) and April Norris from hyp (on the right)

I had the absolute pleasure of working last week with two visionary young women who are planning to merge their individual talents and tools as powerful business partners.

Osmara and April dug into the first 5 steps of the 7-step Partnersh*t-2-Partnership Process for Building a Human Foundation ® and worked harder than they probably imagined. They were honest, raw, open, emotional, outspoken, quiet, frustrated, stubborn, peaceful, resistant, funny, enlightened, exhilarated, exhausted and accepting.

Ahhhh, duality. It’s the human way.

In the end, they now have eyes wide open as to where the potential partnership land mines (aka Partnersh*t) are. This is business gold.

The P2P Process goes beyond Building a Human Foundation to also include building the business. This week we will complete the final 2 steps of the Process, in which we will build their business, brand and marketing strategies. I know from experience that this will be a breeze because they have taken the time to get to know themselves and each other, defined their areas of compatibility, conflict and compromise, and set both their intention and outcome. These are some mighty powerful business assets to have in your arsenal.

Osmara and April are already way ahead of most others who start a new partnership. They have nipped any potential partnership problems in the bud and their chances of success are exponentially higher. I am so happy for them and commend them for being the courageous, heartfelt visionaries I know them to be.

Here is an email I received from Osmara:

“I was blind but now I see,” is exactly how I felt after going through Patty Soffer’s Human Foundation Partnersh*t-2-Partnership Process.

I learned so much about myself, first and foremost. Patty’s process helps you ask the right, powerful question that open up the rabbit hole of self-inquiry. Together, we uncovered who I am at my core, where my genius lies, and where my triggers and pain points lie (so that neither my business partner nor I get blindsided by them.)

Now more than ever before, it is crucial that we do this prep work before jumping into a business partnership… Most of us have been conditioned to start a business backwards. Thanks to Patty I’ve learned that true business partnership success does not start with the right logo or a strong brand… It doesn’t start with the other person… It starts with YOU.

Thank you Patty and A Human Foundation Consulting for radically shifting the direction my partner and I are headed. Thank you for helping us create a strong (human) foundation so that our partnership and burgeoning business grows in alignment with who we both are. You’ve helped us de-clutter the landscape so we can create bigger impact in the world through our work and mission!”

Osmara Vindel, MBA
Best-selling Author: The Unleashing
Founder: The Butterfly Club

. . . and this from April Norris:

HYP MARKI have completely transformed the way I view business by following the process Patty maps out in her book. Patty is so thorough that you can’t walk away from the experience without massive leaps in self-awareness and clarity. This book is a must-read not only for those looking to enter business relationships, but romantic relationships as well. I am so so so excited about the solid commitment I am now able to make to myself, my partner and my vision. The book is a smooth, enjoyable read, (I love the gray boxes with highlights!) and the material is utterly digestible as the author provides humor and visual cues that are like subconscious candy.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This is life-changing stuff. Blown away.

April Norris
Founder: hyp


I thank both of these ladies for their trust in me.

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