Partnership or Partnersh*t: You Decide: How To Build Your Business Partnership on the Strongest Foundation There Is: A Human Foundation

“Partnership or Partnersh*t: You Decide. How to Build Your Business Partnership on the Strongest Foundation There Is—A Human Foundation” unleashes partnership thinking new to the business marketplace.

Going beyond the usual legal, financial and business strategies, this book shows you, step-by-step, how to create the most important business strategy of all—your human strategy.

Author Patty Soffer has figured out (the hard way) what most partners don’t realize:

YOU’RE DOING THINGS BACKWARDS! For a partner-biz to survive, the partnership must be built first, from a very human perspective, and then the business.

Business is personal. It’s about people, so start there. Create a shared foundation for your shared business. You will save time, pain, money and eliminate the stupid things that can crash a business. 

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The WORKBOOK: The Companion Book to Partnership or Partnersh*t: You Decide

“The Workbook” is the partner book to “Partnership or Partnersh*t: You Decide. How to Build Your Business Partnership on the Strongest Foundation There Is—A Human Foundation.”

Together, the books unleash partnership thinking new to the business marketplace. While the textbook walks you through the steps necessary to build your company’s human foundation, the Workbook is a one-stop repository for all your thoughts and answers. 

The books are loaded with insights, processes and some of the simplest, best and most important questions you will ever ask.

You will learn: • How to Start Your Partnership and Business from the Real Beginning • How to Build Your Human Foundation in Seven Steps • How to Create Your Business Model Strategy • How to Create your Branding and Marketing Strategies • How to Write A Very Human Partnership Agreement

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The Expert Success Solution: Get Solid Results in 22 Areas of Business and Life

Make a list of 22 challenges to success in business and in life. The list will likely include everything from losing weight to making more money. Now try to find one expert who can provide concrete, practical, proven solutions to break through all 22 barriers and you’ll soon discover there is no all-knowing guru or credentialed expert with the necessary skills and experience. That’s why 22 leading experts came together to create the first collaborative 5-star success buffet with concrete solutions for the most critical personal and professional challenges encountered by men and women around the globe.

“The Expert Success Solution” combines 300+ years of experience in business and personal development to provide practical, step-by-step strategies in a fast-reading, entertaining, inspirational, hit-you-between-the-eyes, how-to manual. Filled with thought-provoking questions and real-life stories, the tools provided here will solve existing problems and help you avoid life’s greatest speed bumps. This is the juncture where motivation meets information and where the biggest decision you’ll have to make is whether to grab a tissue or a highlighter. It all begins with 6 simple questions. . .

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Mom Said: Moments and Memories of Life with our Mother

“I’m 43 and everything sags, my butt’s a mess, and my eyes have bags. But the things that time does change, a plastic surgeon can rearrange.”

These are just some of the words of wisdom from small-town mother Patricia Hogue, who possesses six kids, a spicy tongue and a razor-sharp wit.

This hilarious yet heartfelt tribute from two of her daughters will have you busting from laughter and realizing that life is many things, but always funny. The wonderful memoirs, poems and recipes will have you feeling like an honorary member of this quirky Midwestern Irish family.

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