• WHAT This is the only book on Partnership that
  • HOW puts building A Human Foundation front & center
  • WHO for people in new, existing or troubled partnerships
  • WHERE anywhere on the planet
  • WHY who want to understand that Business is Personal
  • When in a time when every dollar counts,waste is
    unacceptable and collaboration is critical to success.


unleashes partnership thinking that is new to the business marketplace. Going beyond the usual legal, financial and business strategies, this book shows you, step-by-step, how to create the most important strategy of all—your human strategy. Author Patty Soffer has figured out (the hard way) what most partners don’t realize:


For a partner-biz to survive, the partnership must be built first, from a very human perspective, and then the business. Not the other way around. You have to start with people, people! You must create a shared foundation for your shared business. And you must get personal because it’s People, then Business. A strong Human Foundation is the basic building block of every great partnership-indeed, every great business, relationship & friendship. It is built on self-awareness and accountability. It’s about aligning with the right people. About knowing each other’s foibles, frailties, desires, needs, wants, strengths and greatness. This knowledge is the cement that secures your success. Without it, you are at high risk of losing yourself, your partner and your business.

We call this

lack of knowledge Partnersh*t.