5-Star Amazon Reviews for Partnership or Partnersh*t: You Decide

So the only thing more exciting than writing a book is clicking over to my Amazon page and finding these amazing 5-star reviews!

I wrote the book as a service to help entrepreneurs and other small business owners navigate the partnership waters with precision and heart. I never want another person to experience what I unnecessarily went through.

My entire business fell apart because my partner and I, who had offices across the hall from each other, chose not to talk face-to-face but instead to declare war via email.

The outcome of that was: 1. failed partnership; 2. failed health from stress; 3. failed business; 4. financial disaster; 5. the firing of 40 people; 6. loss of identity; 7. legal battle; 8. lost friendships.

This was a hefty price to pay for wimping out and hiding behind the keyboard. People need to connect in a human way. Tech can be an assault weapon. Beware.

I send good energy to all you partners out there. You work hard and are creating a business you are passionate about. Don’t do silly things that leave Armageddon in their wake.

Get to know yourself.


Get to know your partner.


Be grateful.


Have compassion.

Stop Partnersh*t before it stops you

Here’s how:

1. Get the book, which walks you through the 7-step Partnersh*t-2-Partnership Process for Building a Human Foundation. Or contact us if you need help. The business you save will be your own.

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